Mystery Tee

$21.00 - $31.00
Mystery Tee

The mystery tee could fit into a few different categories. Maybe my boutique isn’t really your style but you still want to support me. This could be an option for you. Or maybe you like every single piece I drop and you would be happy with any of them but don’t want to or can’t afford to buy all of them, this also could be an option for you.
They are shirts that are still completely made by me and there’s nothing wrong with them, I either just made too many of one style or size and they didn’t all sell out or it was a shirt I made that I didn’t end up dropping on the site for some rhyme or reason.
It’s a good option if you’re not picky on what you wear and just what to support me.
(And no, you can not just buy however many shirts I have made through this thinking you’ll get one of each. If you try it, your money will be refunded.)