Welcome to the Kru !

Bay Kru is based out of Lincoln, NE but is an all online Women's fashion boutique and female community. Owned by Baylee Hughes and Madline Kuchar; Bay Kru is a creative brand for females to be involved and a part of “The Kru”. We want women everywhere to come together and help each other to succeed in their dreams and feel as if they are apart of a “girl gang”.”Joining the Kru” is so much more than just a clothing brand; it is representing that you are supportive and for women of the world. We want to be bringing together all the dope women of our communities to support one another in leveling up and becoming the most powerful woman we can be. We want to be a very communicable brand with our Kru; to make sure that we are getting everyone’s attitudes, styles and fashion ideas within our brand. We don’t want to follow the trends, we want to be the trend! Help us expand our Kru to your fellow girl gang!